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What is DefiSpot?

Manage your Digital Assets

DefiSpot is a decentralized multi-chain exchange that aims to allow users to exchange, lend and add/remove liquidity with their own native assets (no pegged or wrapped) without needing a centralized third party or requiring users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details.

In a Decentralized Framework

Non-Custodial Transactions Completely Permissionless
Cross-Chain Fully Decentralized without Wrapped Tokens
Earn a Income by Providing your Native Assets to a Pool

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DefiSpot?

DefiSpot is the world’s first Multichain DEX that utilizes the THORChain network to provide a front-end user interface to perform cross-chain swaps. This is done in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner. There are no pegged or wrapped assets, it is purely native.

What is a “Liquidity Provider”?

Liquidity providers are rewarded by providing their assets to the network. Their assets are added to the pool that traders use to exchange assets. The main benefit of Liquidity Providers is that they can earn income from stagnant assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin. You will provide liquidity at a ratio of 50:50. That is 50% of RUNE and 50% of ASSET. Liquidity providers are rewarded for keeping their assets in THORChain. APY comes from block rewards, incentives and swap fees. When LPs withdraw their assets from THORChain, they will be rewarded.

 Is the team ‘Profit-oriented’? 

No, we are not profit-oriented. All fees are returned to the user. Through the agreement, the team has no revenue model. All fees collected will buy back $SPOT (DefiSpot tokens) and use it to reward liquidity providers.

Will there be a Lock-up period for Liquidity Providers?

There is no minimum or maximum time attached to providing liquidity. Users can join and leave at any time.

Is there any IE (Impermanent Loss) protection?

Yes - Liquidity Providers will receive 100% IL protection for a duration of 100 days. Essentially this means you are adding 1% protection for every day that you provide liquidity. 49 days provided = 49% IL protection, 100 days = 100% IL protection.

Read more about it here.

Which assets can you Swap and Provide Liquidity for?

Currently - BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, BCH, ERC-20 (USDT and SUSHI), BEP2 (BUSD and BTCB)